Essay topics

1. Developing countries shouldn’t be imposed any emission reduction, since they have a right to develop their economies as industrialised countries did. Discuss.

2. Clean Development Mechanisms benefit both developed and developing countries. Discuss.

3. Assess the results of the latest UN conference on climate change  in light of the topics discussed in class.

4. The fate of the planet is now in the hands of China. Discuss.

5. Why can’t people displaced by climate change benefit from an international status?

6. It would be more equitable to count the emissions per capita rather than per country. Discuss.

7. It is now too late to reduce our carbon emissions, and we should instead direct our efforts to develop adaptation strategies.

8. The key for a new climate deal is an expansion of the carbon market worldwide. Discuss.

9. Is the Kyoto Protocol a successful agreement? Why?

10. Members of the IPCC should be elected rather than appointed. Discuss.


You can either pick one of these topics or choose your own topic – in which case it needs to be pre-approved.


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